We’re Egg-specting

Imagine this, you must sit in one spot for almost a whole month. You get up maybe once a week to drink water, eat & poop (and, what a poop it is!). ┬áSometime around the 28th day the eggs, that you have been keeping warm and turning routinely, begin to hatch…duck eggs

Around the last days of June, our oldest Mallard duck started building a nest in the weeds below the chicken house. I suspected she was planning motherhood and by the time I found the nest, she had about 5 eggs. Then, a few days later she and the eggs disappeared. I thought, great, a predator got her and the eggs.

Then, a few days later, our pup Sophie was up in the woods behind the house. I heard her barking and chasing something. It was a duck, quacking in distress. By the time I got outside Sophie had given up the chase and ran over to me. I checked the other ducks. It was not any of them.

I searched many times for her and the nest but have never found them. Did she move the eggs up there? That would be quite a feat. It is at least 50 yards from the old nest to the woods behind the house. Uphill…

So here it is, the last days of July. I am optimistically watching and listening for any signs that she is still up there. Soon, I hope that she will appear with some little web-footed followers.

Meanwhile, our other Mallard duck named Melly decided to (thankfully) make a nest in the duck pen. She’s been there about 2 1/2 weeks.

Not to be left out, Olive, one of our hens decides to go broody. I have never discouraged broodiness among my flock. However,at  this time, we have no rooster. The single egg that she decided to sit on was not fertile. So, I gave her four duck eggs to sit on. She has about 15 days to go. Bless her heart.

Chicken hatches ducksA few summers ago, Red, one of our hens hatched and raised some Indian Runner ducks. It was a great thing to watch as they followed Mama Red around. They stayed with her until they were ready to go it alone. That’s when they realized that they were actually ducks and joined the others of their own kind.

I’ll keep you posted on the developements. Stay tuned…

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