7 Years of No Poo Hair Care

I’ve been using the “no poo” method for 7 years now. I did not gradually reduce the use of shampoo. I went straight to baking soda & ACV. I have used shampoo only 4 times since then.

My method is to put about a tablespoon of baking soda in a plastic drinking cup. I wet my hair under the shower, hold the cup with the baking soda under the shower, fill 1/2 way, stir with finger and then fill the cup the rest of the way to full. This way it is nice and warm. I then pour it on my hair and continue with the rest of my shower.

At the end, I rinse my hair with water and then rinse it with a ACV/water mix rinse.I usually rinse out the ACV after allowing it to do it’s magic on my scalp.

My reasons for going no poo?

  • It’s simple and inexpensive. Simple ingredients that have so many other uses around the house.
  • There’s no shampoo bottle to recycle. The baking soda box can be recycled and would have less impact on the environment if it wasn’t recycled.
  • My opinion about shampoo is that it strips the natural oils from your hair. The scalp then works overtime to replace the oils and overcompensates. So the next day your hair is oily and guess what? You need to shampoo your hair again! Do you know which 3 words doubled the sales for the shampoo manufacturers? *Rinse*and*Repeat*.

I am very happy with my hair. I have found that I can use baking soda one day and just plain water the next day.  I have short hair and this works very well for me. I even use No-Poo for our dogs.

The ACV rinse is also great for the rest of your body. I make sure to include my ears when I rinse my hair. But I use it all over, if you get my meaning.

The only problem I have with baking soda is that it is mined and processed. It’s not something that I can grow or dig out of the ground where I live. But it is something I use for other things like cooking and cleaning every day. Though I am looking for alternatives. Perhaps growing Soapwort…

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7 Years of No Poo Hair Care — 8 Comments

  1. Hi. I could have written this post nearly word for word, but I started no poo in September. Same regimen, same satisfaction with the results. I don’t see myself pooin’ again.

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    • Hello Jessie, thanks for stopping by. It’s always nice to hear from a Poo-free member. I have not tried your method of massaging the baking soda into my scalp, but I will. I usually add more water to it than you do and just pour it on. Making it a little thicker may work better. I visited your blog and enjoyed it very much. You have written a great tutorial on the NO Poo method. I recommend other folks to visit it. Love the produce bags btw.

  4. I stopped shampooing my hair cold turkey nine months ago when it was only 1″ long, it is now shoulder length layers. I always comb my hair first with a wide tooth natural horn comb to remove excess dirt and move the natural oils (sebum) down. It’s practical to have several combs and change to a new clean one after several strokes, you see the combs become cleaner each time, I clean them all with shampoo (ha ha) and a nail brush after each use. I shower using water only and a cotton wash cloth stroking my hair gently in a downward motion a few times, this moves the oil down and removes excess. The water in my area is very hard so I rinse with 2 liters of water and 1/2 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar added to reach a p.h. balance of 5.3, which is approx. hairs natural p.h. balance, the amount of vinegar will vary depending on the water in your area. I did a p.h. test. Rinsing with rain water would work as well. My hair is very fine, dense, and wavy. Before going No Poo I shampooed everyday and my hair was always damaged after 4 or 5 inches of growth, it is now in incredible condition no split ends or breakage and It has more natural wave it never had before, the way it was meant to be when healthy. I started water only washing once a day and now once or twice a week is enough, it takes a while for oil production to slow down, if it looks or feels oily I wash it, this will vary with each individual, some people can go a lot longer and combing is enough to remove excess dirt and oil and they very rarely have to rinse, hair density determines how naturally oily our scalps are and not using shampoo slows the overproduction of oil. My friends smell my head on a regular basis and I don’t stink ever, they think I smell good, like air dried laundry. The scalp and hair has it’s own natural ecology that we constantly mess with by using chemicals. I can’t imagine using shampoo or any other alkaline solution, which all do basically do the same thing (sodium derivatives) and dry the hair, eventually doing damage. Our own natural oil (sebum) is actually a wax and your hair will feel slightly waxy when wet and can be a psychological barrier for some people but this is what we want, it won’t feel that way when dry. We’ve been so conditioned to think this is bad or dirty and shampoo it out. My hair is gray, I don’t colour, perm or use curling irons but will occasionally use a hair dryer on the cool setting only, as hair completely coated with sebum takes slightly longer to dry than shampooed hair. There is nothing more beautiful than healthy hair, fine thick, straight, curly it doesn’t matter it all looks good when it’s healthy and we can really appreciate what we were born with.

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