Tuesday March 1st 2011 — 2 Comments

  1. I have visited your site several times. I love reading your quotes. For my blog, I do a lot of daily postings. Today, I finally decided to copy today’s Earth thought and post it on my blog. I also have intentions of putting a link to your site on mine. I know I should have asked first before I snagged, I apologize for that. If there is a problem with me snagging, just let me know and I will stop. I hope there’s not, I have also been reading some of your past quotes and I love them too. I think I spend more time on your site a day than I should. Thank you again.

    • Hi Kit, Thanks for the nice complement and support. We are delighted that you are finding our site beneficial. Ordinarily snagging is not a good idea but since, in-a-way that’s what we do, our uniqueness is in our display and delivery. So therefor no harm no foul, we are pleased you find the words as worthy of repeating as we do. A link back to our site would be kind respect and appreciated an we would extend the same courtesy. I have browsed Your Blog and found your commitment and dedication to be admirable. Keep up the good work. A rss feed widget can easily be added to your side bar if you want a no-hassle way to share what we do.

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