Who We Are and What We Hope to Become

simple-living.jpgWe are Charley and Susan the caretakers of River Rest. Married for twenty-one years we named our place River Rest (actually located on the banks of Anthony creek) in memory of Susan’s Grandma (Helen). River Rest is our dream home sought for nearly twenty years. Our home is a modest eleven hundred square feet frame house with ample room for us and our ten cats and dogs. We settled here in December 2002.

River Rest was born out of a desire to escape the rat race of corporate America. After nearly 30 years of chasing the almighty dollar we decided enough was enough and we began to seek a way to simplify our lives, we wanted more sustainability and therefore more control. We were tired of the television commercials, credit cards, and Wall Street dictating how we should live our lives.

We have learned there is much that we can live without, things that ultimately created more stress in our lives. Being frugal is something that comes natural to us, however as we soon learned we still had a lot of waste in our lives, we still do and take steps daily to reduce our waste even more.

organic-garden.jpgWe have varied backgrounds from small business owners, managers, and students. In fact, we consider ourselves lifetime students, learning something every day. We have been simplistic in our beliefs and lifestyles all of our lives, just as we have always had a passion for nature and all the wonders she holds.

Being as self reliant as we possibly can is the desire of the three of us, just as it is our desire to live in harmony with mother nature and all her many wonders, creatures, and plants. As we continue to learn, we will continue to share and hope that you too will find that Living Lightly on the Earth is the right thing to do.

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  1. It all sounds so amazing! You are fortunate in having each other to share your enthusiasm and dedication.

    I am almost 77 years old and live in Northern Ontario on one acre. I feel “driven” to become as self-sufficient as possible during my last years. The cost of food is horrendous (e.g.$4.00 for 3 leeks !) and if you love potato leek soup as much as I do that’s a real hardship! So I am planning on putting away as much homegrown food as I can this year. I am limited somewhat due to health reasons but will try my hardest . I am going to try container gardening and worm composting for the first time also. The cost of seeds is a bit prohibitive but I plan to experiment with saving my own for next year. I live with other family members but they are not “into” gardening so in this respect, I am on my own. Big plans and high hopes!!!

    Best of luck with all your projects.

  2. Hi there! I wish I’d found your website sooner, I love all the ideas. My husband of 10 years and I are getting started on our journey to simplicity too! We are about to turn 32 and don’t have a lot of peers our age that we can identify with us. We are selling our suburban house right now and as soon as it’s sold we will be 100% debt free. We intend on purchasing a home for after my husband retires from the military (in 7 years) for cash and starting a urban homestead of sorts. Somewhere in those plans is also a sailboat that we would live on part time, traveling and sharing the world with our daughter. So far, we have got down to no debt except a home (that we are selling), I grow some things at home, right now it’s cherry tomatoes and strawberries, and are focusing on living simply. I also do a lot of herbal/food based healing at this house. We don’t like the rat race and intend on not being involved in it as best as we can. Thanks!!!

  3. I’m doing the no-poo thing! I’m a week into it and I’m doing exactly what you’re doing. So far, so good. I’m a little greasy, but I think it will right itself again. Wish me luck in getting through this beginning stage!

  4. Congratulations on authenticating what you believe! You are living my dream! As I’ve downsized and questioned the wastefulness in my life too, I’ve tried to avoid shopping and instead look to what I already have and can reuse. This has saved hundreds monthly. You are absolutely right, there is little we own that is essential. I’m honestly ashamed of the ‘stuff’ I’d accumulated . Nothing satisfies the soul like Creation! I’ve wanted to build a fence from sticks and natural materials, I found your site with that question. Thank you for the inspiration and the subscription. I’ll enjoy sharing your journey!


    Cynthia and Menagerie!
    Cardinal Pines Sanctuary

    • Hello Cynthia and Menagerie,
      We thank you for visiting us. We have come a long way but still have so much to do and learn. It’s amazing what one can create when there is a need. We have a little thing we say when we are faced with a task. WWJD, What would Jesse Do? Jesse Moore was on of the first settlers here in our valley. There was no hardware store up the street! Good luck with your fence building. I’ve been hoping Charley will write more on building fences. The posts I made only gave general info. I’m glad that we could help move you along on your journey.

      Susan and Charley

  5. Mary,
    We are so pleased that you visited us. I think more folks are going to turn to the basics in order to get by during these hard times. You may find some seed swaps in your area to help you get the seeds you need to get your garden started. Here’s a link to a Canadian Garden Exchange. Seed potatoes are pretty expensive but you can use store bought spuds instead (be sure to buy organic). You can grow them in a large trashcan. ~ Perhaps you would be willing to share your Potato Leak Soup recipe? …May your garden produce in abundance!

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